среда, 21 октября 2009 г.

ministry in Bira

My ministry in Bira (small village near to Birobidzhan). I still do my ministry for this little church. The youth group help me. They prepare some songs for service. We planing to begin sports and the Bible clubs for children and teenagers. Please, friends pray for this ministry.

суббота, 10 октября 2009 г.

New books!!!

I have a new John Piper books in Russian!!!! It is a "Don't Waste Your Life" and "Future Grace"

It is very strong books! You can see a lot of resources here http://www.desiringgod.org/
I am so glad that this books translated in russian

среда, 12 августа 2009 г.

We dont want to tell good-bye!

We dont want to tell good-bye! More than 10 years mission SEND International worked with churches to the Far East Russia. Many missionaries have organized many new churches on the Far East Russia. The big part of the ministry of mission was the help Bible college on FER. They organized it at 1993, to support it financial and to send many teachers. I and my wife have finished Far East Russia Bible college. It was honour for us to study from people which love the God with all their hearts and to serve to His glory! We worked some years for new church in our city with family blessed brother Ken Guenther Director of mission SEND on FER. He always was encouragement and blessing for us! This year the visa law in our country had a new changes. And mission SEND should leave from FER on Ukraine to continue the ministry there. We have many friends from this mission...We speak Good-bye! But it does not mean FAREWELL! One day in the sky we shall meet, that to be together always!!!
You can see more

понедельник, 3 августа 2009 г.

Time for songs

Choose the life Joan 3:16 "For God so loved the world..."

Tame for prayer

Time for craft

The leader of " Choose the life" Alexander and I

We had a special program " Choose a life " for children and teenagers in our city. It is a lot of Youth from different churches of the Far East Russia have taken part in this program. They came in our city and did meetings on street in current week. They have told the Gospel for children and teenagers.

четверг, 23 июля 2009 г.

Summer camp

The last week we had children's camp in our church. It was weekly camp for children from Sunday school. Our camps theme was " The nations of the world ". We studied histories from the Bible when God saved people from other nations. We also to have time for prayer for the different nations of the world every day. We to use good book " operation the world " for children. Thanks for my friend Milah, who send me the fabric map of the world. This year we to have very rainy and cold summer and to not have a lot of game on street. But we played at our church building and did much craft things. It was very cheerful time. The God used it to learn us many things through our children. We want that a name of our great God could glorify in all nations!!!! Who knows, may be someone from these children will be missionaries and will give message of the Gospel in other nations!

More foto here

вторник, 30 июня 2009 г.

TNT (Training National Trainers)

TNT (Training National Trainers)
The last week I had a special rate to the Far East Russia Bible college. It is an especial rate for all brothers of the pastor and leaders of churches of the Far East Russia. Our teacher was Bill Mills - director of mission TNT (Training National Trainers)
This program works in many countries: China Vietnam Kazakhstan Philippines and others. In Russia this program was first time. Our class had a 20 person of leaders of churches in a Far East Russia.

We studied the message 2 Cor. We studied an example of apostle Paul and his ministry, how to learn heart of God and to transfer it to other people. It was the big encouragement for each of us in our ministry. We give our time and efforts for our ministry, but sometimes to not have result. But we can preach the Gospel only because it give pleasure to our soul. But we the nobility that the Divine Word to not come back to vain, it will have effect and to reach heart of people. Please pray that God give us the Christ heart and to enrich and distribute our ministry here to the Far East Russia. This program will 4 years 2009-2013. Please pray for our class and all leaders of our churches in Far East Russia.

среда, 17 июня 2009 г.

New ministry

New opportunities and open doors
God give me a new ministry . I supervise church in small village near to our city. It is very small church, they to lose their pastor through his divorce with family. Many people send away from church when they to see this problem. Now they to have greater need in encouragement and support. 2 times at month I to have an opportunity to visit this church to have the bible studying and the sermon, and time for a pray.

This man from Uzbekistan, it to not have the house and to live in church.

Friends! Please pray for this ministry too that the God has cured a wound in peoples hearts of this church. Also that new people have come to church and to get acquainted with the Christ! Zhenya

вторник, 21 апреля 2009 г.

Seminar in Khabarovsk

Dear brother and sisters! I wish to share with you blessing which our Father send to us! The past Friday and Saturday we had a seminar in city Khabarovsk for a meeting with the preacher and the writer from USA Mike Wells. He has Abiding Life Ministries. It was wonderful time when we can speak about ours lives in Christ. We had a big test and an obstacle to not go on this seminar. When we have collected our bags and were ready to go, we to find out that Lily to have very high temperature. And she not has any symptom still. We were worry very much and prayed much and our friends have asked pray about an opportunity to go. We have taken all risk of consequences up and have gone on a seminar. And the God has blessed us. In a train she had high temperature still. But we prayed with our friends in Khabarovsk and next day she had no problem! The God learned us through this seminar and through circumstances too much. Mike has visited more than 180 countries of the world. He bears the Gospel to all people. He has much difficult circumstances when to visit such countries as Africa, Liberia, India. But he accepts all these sufferings voluntary! It was a good example for all of us! He has a site and if you to wish, you can visit this site: Nika had time to do craft meeting for all women at a seminar. We ask you to continue to pray for our ministry to the Far East Russia. With love in Christ your brother and sister in Christ.

среда, 25 февраля 2009 г.

Our ministry

The Lord has presented to Nika an opportunity to be the leader for big female meeting in our church. We to have 30 women from our area. She can spend the Bible studying for them in current of 4 hours. It to be a big the privilege and honour from our God for her. Thay have good time together to pray and read our Bible. She also made the Bible lesson the doctrine about the God, belief and a sin. I send you some photo. Thay to have some woman which to be the alcoholic, but they to accept Christ and He to change their life! Thank God!

You can find more information on my wife blog: http://christforchristglory.blogspot.com/

суббота, 24 января 2009 г.

Prayer needs

Dear friends! My brothers and sisters!
I to wish to ask you to pray for our family.
During this hard time we to have special needs.
I lose my job owing to a general crisis in our country. Some months I to not have new work.
Please pray for my family that the God to give me new work and my family to not have the big need.
That the God has filled ours daily needs on His great kindness!
That our hearts always to have the hope and pleasure in our God through this difficult time.
That we to have rest in the Gods sovereignty and to remember, that He do all on His wise plan and for His eternal glory!

четверг, 1 января 2009 г.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!! Please pray for our country this year! Let the God will open the door for the Gospel and all people will be pleased here in Him and to glorify His name!Добавить изображение