суббота, 24 января 2009 г.

Prayer needs

Dear friends! My brothers and sisters!
I to wish to ask you to pray for our family.
During this hard time we to have special needs.
I lose my job owing to a general crisis in our country. Some months I to not have new work.
Please pray for my family that the God to give me new work and my family to not have the big need.
That the God has filled ours daily needs on His great kindness!
That our hearts always to have the hope and pleasure in our God through this difficult time.
That we to have rest in the Gods sovereignty and to remember, that He do all on His wise plan and for His eternal glory!

2 комментария:

Marie комментирует...

Praying for you...I hope things are going well personally and in your ministry. Many people in our church have lost their jobs, too. It is a very difficult time.

The Gibbon комментирует...

Are things any better? Our continued prayers that you find work Zhenya, and that your family thrives.

Your brothers and sisters at the Manhattan United Methodist Church.