среда, 12 августа 2009 г.

We dont want to tell good-bye!

We dont want to tell good-bye! More than 10 years mission SEND International worked with churches to the Far East Russia. Many missionaries have organized many new churches on the Far East Russia. The big part of the ministry of mission was the help Bible college on FER. They organized it at 1993, to support it financial and to send many teachers. I and my wife have finished Far East Russia Bible college. It was honour for us to study from people which love the God with all their hearts and to serve to His glory! We worked some years for new church in our city with family blessed brother Ken Guenther Director of mission SEND on FER. He always was encouragement and blessing for us! This year the visa law in our country had a new changes. And mission SEND should leave from FER on Ukraine to continue the ministry there. We have many friends from this mission...We speak Good-bye! But it does not mean FAREWELL! One day in the sky we shall meet, that to be together always!!!
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