вторник, 30 июня 2009 г.

TNT (Training National Trainers)

TNT (Training National Trainers)
The last week I had a special rate to the Far East Russia Bible college. It is an especial rate for all brothers of the pastor and leaders of churches of the Far East Russia. Our teacher was Bill Mills - director of mission TNT (Training National Trainers)
This program works in many countries: China Vietnam Kazakhstan Philippines and others. In Russia this program was first time. Our class had a 20 person of leaders of churches in a Far East Russia.

We studied the message 2 Cor. We studied an example of apostle Paul and his ministry, how to learn heart of God and to transfer it to other people. It was the big encouragement for each of us in our ministry. We give our time and efforts for our ministry, but sometimes to not have result. But we can preach the Gospel only because it give pleasure to our soul. But we the nobility that the Divine Word to not come back to vain, it will have effect and to reach heart of people. Please pray that God give us the Christ heart and to enrich and distribute our ministry here to the Far East Russia. This program will 4 years 2009-2013. Please pray for our class and all leaders of our churches in Far East Russia.

среда, 17 июня 2009 г.

New ministry

New opportunities and open doors
God give me a new ministry . I supervise church in small village near to our city. It is very small church, they to lose their pastor through his divorce with family. Many people send away from church when they to see this problem. Now they to have greater need in encouragement and support. 2 times at month I to have an opportunity to visit this church to have the bible studying and the sermon, and time for a pray.

This man from Uzbekistan, it to not have the house and to live in church.

Friends! Please pray for this ministry too that the God has cured a wound in peoples hearts of this church. Also that new people have come to church and to get acquainted with the Christ! Zhenya